United Water’s marketing all wet

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NOTE: This letter originally appeared in the March 31, 2012 edition of The Journal News, in slightly different form.

Mr. Shanley is mistaken when he writes that there’s a “well-established need for more water” in Rockland County.

United Water’s documentation submitted to New York State reads, “Projections of future water demand over the next two decades indicate that within that timeframe, the demand for water will outpace the available supply if no new water supply source is developed.” (Chapter 1, section 1-1, third paragraph

Our “well-established need” is part of United Water’s marketing campaign, but what they officially write in their application to New York State is “projections” and “two decades.”  And those projections are based upon disputed assertions.

United Water is in the business of making a profit on our water.  They are not in the business of saving us money, doing what’s best for our families, or treating our environment with respect.

United Water’s parent company was fined and is being investigated by the European Commission for anti-trust activities for manipulating final pricing to customers: http://yonkerstribune.typepad.com/yonkers_tribune/2012/01/united-water-parent-company-fined-10-million-in-european-antitrust-investigation-by-hezi-aris.html

In Toms River NJ, United Water was fined by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection for concealing unsafe radiation levels in the water supply and falsifying reports: http://www.state.nj.us/dep/newsrel/2006/06_0035.htm

UW is being sued by the Department of Justice currently, for manipulating water sampling tests in Gary, Indiana: http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2010/December/10-enrd-1409.html

We can’t afford blind belief in United Water’s marketing materials.  We can’t trust United Water with our water policy.

Rockland deserves independent experts who answer to us, whose responsibility is to find the best and most cost-effective course for our future water management.<

~ Rachel Hiller

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