This Is What Water Democracy Looks Like!

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This Is What Water Democracy Looks Like!


A quiet little sustainability experiment is showing astonishing results, here in New York’s iconic Hudson River Valley. Communities are flexing their muscles and taking control of their drinking water supplies — instead of just letting outside interests call the shots on how to manage local water resources…

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  1. I was in attendance at last night’s meeting at Dominican College. I have two questions.
    I was under the impression that this Coalition was formed to gather independent information on Rockland’s ground water reserves and the environmental impacts brought to bear by climate change. Mr. Levine stated last night, he could not give his report on ground water supply because United Water had not completed their study. Mr. Levine made it clear that to do otherwise was, “a duplication of efforts”. This left me a bit confused. I thought this Coalition was to be independent of United Water.
    Why is it feasible for United Water to have as one of its alternative sources of water, the lakes in Harriman State Park? This is a for profit company with designs on water resources on public land! Why not insist that UW OF NJ, and UW OF NY, reach some mutual agreement since they are two subsidiaries of the same global corporation, Suez.
    Please reply and correct any misconceptions I may have formed.
    Thank you,
    Laurie Smyla

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