From The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association

The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association
Statement for the Hearing
United Water Company
Proposed Desalination Plant
Haverstraw, NY 3/6/2012

The following is a list of ten bad ideas executed on the Hudson River over the past 100 years. Two were stopped before they could materialize. Seven have had immeasurable and devastating effects, and one is being proposed.

In each case someone person or well meaning group had to approve to open the valves, switch the switches, and turn a blind eye! Most confused the assimilation of profit with the concept of the common good!

  • Quanta Resources, Edgewater, NJ. Coal Tar and a cocktail of nasty fluids. The filthiest seven acres on the river. EPA top ten superfund list.
  • GM auto plant Tarrytown, NY. Lead, chromium and petroleum distillates in the river and surrounding waterways.
  • Unlicensed Hudson River Power plants, Damskammer and the like. Fish Kills. Super heated water thermal polluting the river for years.
  • Indian Point, Buchanan NY. Thermal water pollution, fish kills Potential nuclear meltdown.
  • Newtown Creek, Greenpoint NY. East River. 20 million gals. of oil under this densely populated community.
  • Storm King, Con Edison Electric. Take a mountain, drill a hole, install turbines and pump millions of gallons of water through at night to save pennies on the dollar.
  • Exxon tanker ships off of Hyde Park NY, 1983. Flushing jet fuel from tanks to fill with fresh river water for refineries in Aruba.
  • Westway, New York City. Super highway projected over spawning grounds of the striped bass in the river.
  • General Electric Co. Fort Edward NY. Dump 1.2 plus million lbs. of PCBs, in the river abandon the community and fight the dredging cleanup.
  • Desalination Plant Haverstraw, NY. United Water Co. Extricating millions of gals. of water to desalt and sell to Rockland County customers. Concentrated brine returned to the habitat of endangered specie nursery.

Who will admit that these are all bad ideas. When will our unsustainable assaults on the river end?

Gil Hawkins
Environmental Affairs

Hudson River Fishermen’s Association
New Jersey Chapter
PO Box 421
Cresskill, NJ 07626

The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association is a group of recreational fishermen who make active use of the N.Y. Bight and the surrounding water system and are concerned with the present and future state of these fisheries. Our objectives are to encourage the responsible use of aquatic resources and protection of habitat. We assist where possible in efforts to abate pollution and promote sportfishing and the management of that recreation. We are a IRS recognized nonprofit 501c3 organization.