What we support

The Rockland Water Coalition supports a water policy that will make best use of our current water resources, rather than locking us into long term major rate increases, water drawn 3.5 miles downstream from Indian Point, and harm to irreplaceable river habitat.

We support a policy with four elements:

  • Fair management of releases from Rockland’s reservoir to UW customers in NJ
  • Conserving system water through reducing water main leaks
  • Reducing wasteful consumer water use through conservation & efficiency, with a primary focus on summer lawn watering that drives up peak demand
  • Development of a long term water resource strategy for Rockland County, including potential for new well fields, for better ground water recharge and storage, stormwater capture, fair rate increases, and programs of water neutral development.

Executive Summary

At the end of 2006, the New York State Public Service Commission ordered United Water of New York (UW), the Rockland County water utility, to take measures to meet a projected long term shortfall of water for Rockland County. One month later, UW proposed meeting this need by building, at a cost in excess of $150 million, a 7.5 million gallon a day (mgd) desalination plant (desal plant) on Haverstraw Bay, to treat the brackish waters of the Hudson River Water and make them suitable for use as drinking water…Click here for more