Letters & Comments

Below are links to “comments” and “letters” submitted by concerned individuals regarding the proposed Haverstraw desalination plant.  “Comments” are actually letters sent to elected officials during the DOS and DEC comment period which ends April 20, 2012. “Letters” are letters sent to various media. (Newspaper OpEd, etc.) Feel free to refer to these examples when composing your own letters.


From Gil Hawkins 4/17/2012

From Margie Turrin 4/15/2012

From Kara Cressman 4/12/2012

From William J. Stein, P.E.

From Richard C. Feminella, P.E.

From The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association

From Margie Turrin


Desalination Isn’t Clearwater

Coalition: “Just Say No” on Haverstraw Desalination Plant