Public Comment ends July 6

Suez/United Water wants to charge Rockland customers $49 million for its failed desalination project! Tell the PSC it’s time for a full audit of Suez/UW’s $49 million desal surcharge.

The PSC & Suez/United Water need to hear from us loud and clear: no desal and no desal surcharge either! Rockland ratepayers should not be forced to pay for United Water mismanagement!

Let the governor hear from you, Rockland is not an ATM machine for Suez/UW!


Let the governor & the PSC hear, Rockland should not pay for UW mismanagement!

Send your written comments by July 6 to:

OR you can mail comments to:
Hon. Kathleen H. Burgess
Secretary, Public Service Commission
Three Empire State Plaza,
Albany, New York 12223-1350

Telephone–In state callers can call the PSC’s Opinion Line at 1-800-335-2120 toll free 24 hours a day.


Rockland ratepayers should not be forced to pay for United Water mismanagement!

See below for a template letter you can send to the PSC.
It is always preferable to modify the template with your own points and your own language.

Dear Secretary Burgess,

With newly released information on the invoices, the PSC needs to reopen the hearing on PSC 13-W-0246 and reconsider its decision to allow UWNY to charge ratepayers millions of dollars to cover irresponsible spending on its single minded pursuit of a desalination proposal.

  • UWNY shouldn’t have chosen a desalination plant in the first place, since Rockland County is one of the wettest counties in New York State. And it continued to press for a desalination plant when studies as early as 2009 showed it wasn’t needed.
  • UWNY has no problem spending the ratepayers’ money! UWNY spent millions of dollars on propaganda, executive field trips, engineering and legal costs associated with its ill-conceived desalination plant, expecting to be able to charge it back to ratepayers.
  • UWNY’s invoices—only recently made public—lack detail and are often heavily redacted. Would you pay a plumber millions of dollars without an itemized receipt? The PSC should conduct a thorough audit of UWNY’s invoices before passing any costs on to consumers.
  • UWNY ignored PSC policy and the law! Only “just, reasonable and prudently incurred” costs may be recouped from ratepayers. UWNY ignored that standard and insisted on an expensive and inappropriate desalination plant—despite the fact that less costly and more sustainable alternatives exist.
  • UWNY made the choice and took the risk and the costs it incurred due to its selection of a desalination plant as a long-term water supply source should be borne by the company, not the ratepayers.

Thank you for your consideration and review of these extraordinary costs to ratepayers.